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Talent strategy
The nature of competition among enterprises is the competition of talents. Talent is the enterprise development and the source of vitality. The company respected people, the concept of serving the society. Talent is the cornerstone of Chinas development, the company vigorously develop human resources, to implement the strategy of talents, for the company to create a dedicated, unity, cooperation, high performance, high-quality staff team, provide considerate service, first-class products to customers, in the industry to establish Chinas brand image.
Strategic planning
endeavor to train a team with the ability of strategic thinking and modern enterprise management level, with a pioneering spirit and social responsibility of the enterprise management personnel team. Ensure that the concept of corporate culture, management philosophy, science, harmonious, efficient;
endeavor to train a team with the spirit of innovation, a high level of professional and technical personnel, enhance the ability of independent innovation of enterprises, to ensure that the companys products keep ahead in technology;
to build a high level, discipline, operation skilled craftsmen, ensure the quality of products;
, efforts to build a very fruitful marketing personnel, increase our market share.
Strategy implementation
attention to internal training, internal training is to improve employee job skills, identification with company corporate culture, to create high-quality employees of the company meets the necessary requirements, through training in the company found talent, talent training, optimize the use of talent, so that the companys success and personal growth together, really achieve "the interaction between the enterprise and its employees". An important part of the high level professional talents of intellectual capital investment is to keep the enterprise management, technology, marketing, constantly innovation essential inputs.

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